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Cheap Ping G30 Fairway Wood - Online Golf Store Australia
Ping G30 Fairway Wood

Ping G30 Fairway Wood

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Brand: Ping
Fairway Wood Spec:
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Ping G30 Fairway Wood for sale

Ping G30 fairway uses improvements in technology and manufacturing to create more distance. PING have pushed the boundaries with their G30 Fairway Woods with the incorporation of patented Turbulators on the crown. These Turbulators make the club head more aerodynamic to help you generate a faster swing speed.

The new Ping G30 Fairway woods #3 & #5 are now available in stock. Ping never let its fans down, and this time, the new Ping G30 series come in shock and own applause from all golfers. Like the new Ping G30 driver, the Ping G30 fairway wood features revolutionary turbulators on the crown and a new bright blue colour scheme.

Product Features:

* The Ping G30 fairway face is made from Carpenter 475 steel, which is 44% stronger than the 17-4 stainless steel used in previous designs to allow the face to be the same thickness all the way across,which should maximise face thickness for added distance.
* One of the main changes from the G25 fairway is that adjustability allows the head to be set in five positions, up 1°, up 6/10th of a degree and the same down from the standard position.
* A weight in the rear of Ping G30 fairway wood moves the centre of gravity location deeper and further back to make the club both extremely forgiving and extremely long.
* The new bright blue colour scheme continues from the G30 fairway wood’s sole to the new look headcovers.

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