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Cheap Titleist 915H Hybrid - Online Golf Store Australia
Titleist 915H Hybrid

Titleist 915H Hybrid

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Brand: Titleist
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Titleist 915H Hybrid

The 915H hybrid is available in stock now. Actually, the biggest technological change in the 915 line is the Active Recoil Channel (ARC). While other manufacturers have included some kind of slot in their clubs for a while now, Titleist’s ARC unique because it is deeper, wider, and spans the entire length of the clubhead. ARC allows the sole of the club to flex with the crown at impact, reducing the amount the amount the ball rolls up a clubface.

The 915 hybrids also feature a thin high speed face insert and lower center of gravity. The thinner face increases ball speeds across the face and reduces the loss of yardage on toe or heel shots. The lower CoG helps to increase launch angles and MOI. Both serve to increase forgiveness.

Titleist 915H Hybrid Features:

* Longer distance thanks to high speed and low spin from the tee or turf
* Active Recoil Channel and ultra thing face produce blisteringly face ball seeds
* Forward positioned ARC technology provides enhanced trajectory control
* Low center of gravity and high MOI design create an incredibly forgiving club
* SureFit Tour hosel technology provides a precision fit with 16 loft / lie settings
* Premium shaft offerings complement your swing, maximizing speed and timing
* Acoustic engineering creates solid feel and sound
* Subtle pear profile with a rich appearance

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